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Spanish Books – Spanish Publishers, LLC  is a consortium formed in the United States by Ediciones Urano, Ediciones Obelisco, Editorial Sirio, and Roca Editorial; the company is also the exclusive distributor of Anagrama, Edaf, Salamandra,  Almuzara, San Pablo, Sélector, Almadía, Diamante y El Grano de Mostaza (E.G.D.M.).

With over 6000 available titles and 100 monthly new releases, Spanish Publishers provides a very wide selection of Spanish titles in every category available in the US shortly after publication date, including translations of American bestsellers as well as the works of renowned Spanish authors.

Spanish books


Spanish Publishers is one of the top providers of Spanish titles in the U.S.  Beyond sales, Spanish Publishers conducts author travel programs connecting authors with readers.




The following has been said about Spanish Publishers:

“SP, with excellent service in the three principle areas of book distribution (commercial, administrative, and logistical) has allowed us in these years of joint partnership to grow in sales and consolidate our position in their market.”

Eva Congil | Commercial Director – National and Export | Ediciones Salamandra

“When I first took over the Spanish category, I must admit I was somewhat of a novice in this category. Over the past four years we have successfully managed to grow this category and maintain an increase in sales year over year. Spanish Publishers continues to be our strongest partner for Spanish material with a wide array of books to choose from. I am confident that if it were not for the expertise of Lucía Laratelli and her team, this account would not be as successful as it is.”

Robin Bright | Senior Buyer – Small Press/Spanish | Baker & Taylor (A Follett Company)

“Spanish Publishers LLC is one of Follett School Solutions’ main vendors of Spanish print material with titles that are appropriate for both primary and secondary schools in the US.”

Lucia Doyle | Buyer – Content Acquisitions | Follet Company

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