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Spanish Books – Spanish Publishers, LLC is a consortium formed in the United States by Ediciones Urano, Ediciones Obelisco, Editorial Sirio, and Roca Editorial; the company is also the exclusive distributor of Anagrama, Edaf, Salamandra,  Almuzara, San Pablo, Sélector, Almadía y Diamante. 

With just a single account with Spanish Publishers, it is able to acquire the largest selection of Spanish books in every category, including translations of American bestsellers as well as the works of renowned Spanish authors.

Spanish booksSpanish Publishers is the #1 provider of Spanish books to libraries in the country. Beyond sales, we conduct an author travel program that brings Spanish authors to the US to talk with readers; our goal with this program is to generate connections between the author and the Hispanic or Spanish-speaking reader in the United States.

We are the #1 source of Spanish books for the United States. Create an account with us today and start ordering your Spanish books today!