El intercambio. (The exchange)

An exciting story of love, friendship and intrigue

 Tuesday, February 26th at 8:00 p.m.

 Books & Books. 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134


The Exchange is a novel of love and friendship during the Second World War. In the port of Barcelona, four thousand soldiers were exchanged on October 27, 1943. One of the prisoners is a 24-year-old German Jew who, if returned to Germany, ran the risk of being sent to a concentration camp.


Fernando Aleu was born in Barcelona, where he obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine in 1953. He did his postgraduate studies in the hospitals of the University of Iowa, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and the New York University School of Medicine, where he obtained the position of Associate Professor of Neurology (Neuropathology). After nine years of work as a professor of Neurology, he began to slowly reduce his dedication to medicine to end up dedicating himself to a commercial adventure in the United States associated with the multinational Puig, based in Barcelona.

He thus became a well-known man in the business world in Manhattan. He participated in the creation of the Spanish multinational Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne brands. Dr. Aleu was successively elected president of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United States, president of the Fragrance Foundation of New York and a founding member of the Olfactory Research Fund. He is currently the president of the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York, a position he had previously held for many years. He has been awarded twice by the Spanish government and has also earned the Medal of Honor of the City of Paris.

El intercambio is his first novel.

Curriculum as an entrepreneur:

In 1959, he created Fernando Imports and with that company he began to collaborate with Antonio Puig S.A. Elected President of Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, New York. 1971-1973 Elected Chairman of the Fragrance Foundation, New York. 1975-1987 Member of the Council of Paco Rabanne Parfums Paris. 1978-1999 Member of the Board of Banca Catalana, 1975-1981 Elected Chairman of the Spanish Institute, New York 1991- 2007 President-elect of Carolina Herrera, New York, 2005-2006.